Sudio E2

Sudio E2 wireless earphones review.

This review is a little delayed (apologies – life got in the way and a lot of things have happened in the last two months). A couple of months ago, I was fortunate enough to be offered another opportunity to review Sudio’s latest wireless earphones – the Sudio E2. This is the latest generation of Sudio’s best-selling Sudio Ett model, with deeply immersive Dirac Spatial Audio and VividVoice technology.

(Read my previous review on Sudio Nio and Sudio T2 respectively).

They sent me over two items:

  • a Sudio E2 in the color Jade (which, may I say, is super pretty!)
  • a Sudio Ladd+, Sudio’s wireless Qi-powered charger that works with a USB-C.
Sudio E2 and Sudio Ladd+
Sudio E2 in Jade and Sudio Ladd+

Sudio E2 & Hybrid Active noise cancellation

The first thing I can say is that the new Sudio E2 is its Hybrid Active noise cancellation feature. I was trying out the Sudio E2 in my bedroom with Aiman, and we had our ceiling fan on as usual (’cause Shah Alam is so damn hot these days). Our ceiling fan is not that loud, but the sound is pretty noticeable to me. But the second I put on both earpieces, I was surprised at how they blocked out the fan noise. I even had to ask Aiman to speak louder whenever I had the earpieces in.

The fact that I can charge the Sudio E2 using the Sudio Ladd+ wireless charging pad is also a huge plus – as I can easily leave it on the pad as I get ready for my day. 10 minutes of fast charging can get me around 2 hours of use – which is more than enough for what I need it for.

Sudio E2 wireless charging on Ladd+
It looks so cute on the wireless charging pad.

As a hijab-wearing professional, wearing any wireless earphones at work can be tricky as the touch buttons are usually not as sensitive if I were to use them under my hijab. But, as always, considering how I usually have music on loop in the background as white noise while I’m at work, it doesn’t really make much of a difference to me.

Note: If Sudio can release wireless earphones with touch sensitivity that can cater to its hijab-wearing customers, I’d be immediately sold lol.

Beautiful, sleek & matte finish

Compared to the previous Sudio Nio I had, the feel of the Sudio E2 (and its casing) feels fancier and sleek. Its matte finish, like the Sudio T2, is something that I like as it can withstand more smudge and wear & tear (my handbag has been called the Doraemon bag as it has literally anything and everything, so throwing in the Sudio E2 casing in there and not having any scratch on it is a big plus).

Sudio E2 sleek in Jade
Love love love how sleek and minimalistic it looks!

You can choose from four different colors: Sand, Black, Jade, and Electric Grey. I personally like the Jade, mainly because it looks different and pretty. But now that I have another look, the Electric Grey also looks pretty dope if you ask me 😀

Go and get your Sudio E2 now for RM589 (15% off code below).
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That’s all for now – until I see you in the next post, stay awesome and take care! 🙂

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