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If you followed me on one of my social media sites, or if you are friends with me on Facebook, you might’ve noticed that I [recently] posted about my last day in the United States.

Yep – I’m home guys. For good, probably, but at least I’m home for the time being.

I arrived in Malaysia a little over a week ago, on June 15th. It’s been quite a busy schedule for me this past week, what with looking for Eid clothes, meeting up with teachers and lecturers in INTEC & SSP, and preparing for Eid and all. Not to mention my job-hunting and all that.

Talking about jobs – no, I still have not confirmed where I will be working at. There is a job offer that I just recently received that I might take up, however, I would prefer to let you guys know about it once it’s all confirmed and stuff. So, for now, do pray for the best for me!

Oh, also, I bought a bunch of stuff from Madison – things like t-shirts, keychains, fridge magnets and all. I might do a giveaway on this blog if enough people are interested in them, what do you think?

Other than that, hmm, let’s see. Oh, yeah, it’s Eid tomorrow (Sunday), so Eid Mubarak to everyone out there. 🙂 Hope your Ramadhan was filled with happiness and blessings, and may you enjoy the joyous day tomorrow. Talking about Eid, I had a slow #ProjekKadRaya this year, considering how I procrastinated a lot on writing and posting the Eid cards. So most people would be receiving their Eid cards after Raya, hopefully by the end of the week *fingers crossed*. That being said, I do have some extras, so if you want an Eid card and are fine with receiving your Eid card in the mail in the middle of July, well, hop on over and fill up this form for me.

Okay, I think that should be it for now. Until next time, stay awesome people! 🙂

p/s – Anyone here wants to meet up for drinks or something after Raya? I should be starting my job sometime mid-July, and might have time to hang out for a bit if anyone’s up for it. Let me know <3 [manusia tak sedar diri yang blog ni dah bersawang dan agaknya tak ada orang baca pun lewls]

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  • Hi ! congratulations on your graduation ! been reading your post since years ago. Best of luck for your future ! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri ?

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